Fredrik Marine

Code of Conduct

The Fredrik Marine Code of Conduct states the principles with which we govern our daily interactions with clients, partners, and business associates. Our continuous application of these principles ensures we provide the utmost in quality services and support.

We offer 24×7 responses and support

At sea, there are no holidays and no fixed work hours. We are committed to meeting our client’s needs whenever they require responses and support services. Fredrik has a long and successful history of providing services and support to at-sea operations, wherever they may be.

We run financially prudent operations

We charge fair rates for our services and manage travel-expense budgets with the prudence applied to our own. Be it shore-based services or at-sea solution support, Fredrik provides professional assistance at client-friendly rates.  Our equipment and products are not inflated with high markups. Instead, we seek to provide cost-effective solutions that extend and continue long-term business relationships.

We extend all of our resources to solve problems

More often than not, chronic maritime project problems and at-sea technology issues can be traced to deeper underlying issues which are often not spotted by inexperienced maritime IT engineers. Whatever the cause of the problems, be it working processes of the crew or human error, we will drill it down to the root cause and offer solutions that place success outcomes and our client’s best interests first.

We apply professional ethics in all our work

It is easy for service firms and equipment vendors to say “everything can be solved” or “no problem” just to secure a deal. We apply professional ethics during every step of interaction with our constituents.  Fredrik experts will always carefully review the circumstances at hand then provide a no-nonsense “yes, we can” or “sorry, we cannot” assessment. Our approach brings clarity and certainty upfront. Project scoping and equipment supply bids are worked through tangible steps, so as to provide reliable and accurate estimates of budget and purchase price.

We are prepared to handle the exceptions

At Asian-based ports, it is not unusual to face difficulties in matters such as having the necessary paperwork, procuring a crucial replacement/spare parts, or transporting equipment to the vessel in a timely manner. We have years of experience working with local authorities in Asia (governing ports and otherwise). Our staff knows where to procure specific maritime equipment and has the expertise to transport it to your vessel in ways that minimize issues and extra costs.