Collecte Localisation Satellites (CLS)

Collecte Localisation Satellites (CLS)

Collecte Localisation Satellites (CLS) was created in 1986 by the CNES (i.e. French Space Agency). Its activities are shared between the supply of satellite services with 24/7 operations and research & development projects. CLS is fully dedicated to the applications of observation (radar and optic) or data communication satellites for maritime domain.

CLS offers services and products in 3 strategic domains, maritime, offshore oil and gas and environmental monitoring. Fredrik Marine serves the maritime and offshore oil and gas sector.

CLS has worked hand-in-hand with ship owners to develop a ship security alerts systems solution and is currently a long range identification tracking provider in more than 30 countries including the European Maritime Safety Agency and the U.S. Coast Guards tracking more than 10,000 merchant vessels worldwide on a daily basis.

CLS provides high quality asset tracking services and monitoring systems which deliver accurate information to improve your fleet’s operational performance and support remote risk management. CLS offers a range of robust transceivers working on Argos (satellites constellation operated by CLS) and Iridium networks, but also uses existing satcom equipments onboard, linked to a sophisticated web-based monitoring application.

Since 2011, CLS has intended to develop new markets and increase satisfaction of existing customers by providing added value to its services. Our capacity for rapid and flexible technical developments has allowed us to develop the concept of remote onboard sensors management such as fuel and RPM monitoring.

Beyond its reputation for reliable and secure maritime software, equipments and services, CLS is known for:

  • Personalized, world-renowned customer service;
  • Highly-qualified technical support;
  • A long-standing partnership with the main maritime administrations and shipping companies;
  • 24/7 operational centre;
  • A network of worldwide offices and subsidiaries to serve you in your language and time zone.