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WLN20 Aquawear Server is at the forefront of devices that provide wearable navigation to boaters. It creates a hotspot of 25m, up to 7 wireless devices can be connected at 1 time to receive NMEA data. WLN20 multiplexes NMEA0183 data and transmits them wirelessly to all smart phones or tablets within range, showing real time instrument, position and environmental data.

Interfacing with standard maritime navigation and instrument systems is easily done through 2 NMEA0183 inputs (4800 and 38400 baud). There is low power consumption of 12v or 24v for the compact and watertight enclosure. There is also full compatibility with iOS and OSx, Windows 8 and Android operating systems. Included with the WLN20 is a splash proof, padded wrist case that fits most 4” and 5” smartphones.



  • Wireless NMEA Data server (38400 and 4800 baud)
  • Reads NMEA 0183 data on both ports, multiplexes it and transmits it wirelessly over 802.11b+g
  • Can be fitted to any GPS, Instrument or AIS system that is outputting NMEA 0183 data at 38400 or 4800 baud
  • Supports Bi-Directional communication but must be at the 38400 baud rate
  • Creates an 802.11b+g wireless access point and then transmits data via TCP/UDP link
  • TCP allows single device connection while UDP allows multiple devices to receive the data
  • Fully compatible with many popular Apps and Navigation Software packages
  • Easy to install IP67 black box solution