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AIS100 (USB)


Product Number: 1614

“Connects to any NMEA AIS compatible chart plotter and adds an AIS overlay for PC based navigation systems with USB drivers for PC, MAC and Linux.”

This entry level AIS receiver by Digital Yacht is suitable for boats using PC based navigation system. Simple plug and play USB connection to a PC. Uses standard drivers built-in to Windows XP/Vista/7 and is automatically mapped to an available “virtual” com port, which your PC software can read. Also compatible with Mac OS X and all LINUX Kernels since V2.4.20.



  • Low cost entry level AIS receiver
  • High performance dual-channel AIS receiver for use with AIS compatible PC navigation software
  • USB Interface for simple Plug and Play connection to a PC
  • Requires VHF / AIS antenna or splitter
  • Easy to install IP54 black box solution
  • For use with any AIS compatible PC navigation software, such as the latest SmarterTrack, MaxSea, SeaPro, Nobeltec and RosePoint applications.