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Aqua 2 Standard


Product Number: 1674

The Aqua 2 Standard PC is a general purpose, great value marine PC suitable for use on board leisure, commercial and pleasure craft. Its high performance makes it ideal for charting, monitoring of office applications and communicating with family and friends on-board your boat. Similar to the rest of Digital Yacht’s products, the Aqua 2 Standard consumes little power and has dual NMEA ports to suit legacy and existing navigation systems.

Included are a 64GB solid state hard drive, 4 GB of RAM and a CD/DVD RW drive. Standard connections include four USB ports, a VGA and HDMI port allowing the system to drive up to two compatible LCD monitors and all the standard system connectors for keyboard, audio and network.

Featuring the latest ultra low power, fanless, Intel Atom N2800 processor (6.5W) the complete Aqua PC system typically consumes around 12W, but provides all of the PC performance you need to run your navigation software, e-mail, surf the web etc.

All Aqua PCs are supplied with Windows 8 (32bit) and feature high efficiency DC-DC converters that allow them to be connected directly to the boat’s 12v DC supply with no inverter. The Aqua Standard PC can be supplied with optional built-in Hi-Power Wi-Fi adaptor or built-in NMEA 2000 gateway.*

If NMEA 2000 and hi-power Wi-Fi are required, we suggest that you fit the built-in NMEA2000 gateway option and connect a WL410 Wi-Fi adaptor via USB that Fredrik Marine carries.



  • 12v DC powered, ultra rugged marine PC
  • Fanless design and solid state hard drive, provide totally silent and reliable operation
  • Compact – measures just 30cm x 27cm x 7cm!
  • Ultra low power consumption Intel Atom N2800 processor for low power consumption and fast computing
  • Supplied with Windows 8 home premium operating system (on UK versions)
  • 2 x NMEA Ports and 4 x USB Ports (2xUSB3)
  • Easy mounting and installation
  • Fitted with CD/DVD RW
  • 64GB solid state hard drive