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AquanNav 2


Product Number: 1675

As compared to the Aqua Standard 2 PC, AquaNav is upgraded with built in AIS and GPS sensors that is a rare find in other models. The AquaNav is a rugged maritime PC for leisure and commercial craft and can survive a few knocks when used. Its compact design is a boon for leisure craft that is space scarce.

The AquaNav PC is designed as a powerful marine navigation PC, with two NMEA ports, a super fast 64GB solid state hard drive, 4 GB of RAM, built-in dual channel AIS receiver, dedicated GPS Antenna and a CD/DVD RW drive. Standard connections include four USB ports, a VGA and HDMI port allowing the system to drive up to two compatible LCD monitors and all the standard system connectors for keyboard, audio and network.

Featuring the latest ultra-low-power Intel Atom N2800 processor (6.5W) the complete Aqua PC system typically consumes around 12W but provides all of the PC performance you need to run your navigation software, e-mail, surf the web, etc.

All Aqua PCs are supplied with Windows 8 (32bit) and feature high efficiency DC-DC converters that allow them to be connected directly to the boat’s 12v DC supply with no inverter. The AquaNav PC can be supplied with an optional built-in Hi-Power Wi-Fi Adaptor or built-in NMEA 2000 gateway.*

* Due to space limitations on the rear connector panel, it is not possible to have both of these options fitted. If NMEA 2000 and Hi-Power Wi-Fi are required, we suggest that you fit the built-in NMEA2000 gateway option and connect a WL410 Wi-Fi adaptor via USB.



  • 12v DC powered, ultra rugged marine PC
  • Fanless design and solid state hard drive, provide totally silent and reliable operation
  • Built-In dual channel high sensitivity AIS receiver
  • Supplied with smart GPS antenna that connects on dedicated IO cable
  • Pre-configured and interfaced so GPS and AIS work straight out of the box
  • Compact – measures just 30cm x 27cm x 7cm!
  • Ultra low power consumption Intel Atom N2800 processor for low power consumption and fast computing
  • Supplied with Windows 8 home premium 32bit operating system (on UK versions)
  • 2 x NMEA ports and 4 x USB ports (2xUSB3)
  • Easy mounting and installation
  • Fitted with CD/DVD RW
  • 64GB solid state hard drive


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