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The CLB2000 with combo VHF+AIS antenna is the best AIS transponder solution for commercial vessels up to 300 tonnes that are not mandated to fit a Class A AIS transponder. Similar to the AIT2000, CLB2000 is compact, half the size of the well-liked AIT1000, yet packed with features of the latest AIS technology. The CLB2000 is mounted on brackets that are vibration-proof and has a remote silent switch option of not transmitting when in port. It contains NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000 and USB port connection, making it compatible with both Mac and PC running navigational software and maritime chart plotters.

This CLB2000 provides an “all in one” VHF+GPS antenna solution that is easy to install, requires less space and can sense targets up to 30NM. Best of all, this transponder is affordable compared to other AIS transponders with similar functions.



  • Latest generation AIS technology – featuring a brand new AIS transponder (Class B) design
  • 12v and 24v Operation • Ideal for use with existing plotter and radar systems
  • Built-in high performance 50 channel GPS receiver (ideal also as a backup GPS)
  • USB Interface for simple plug and play connection to a PC or Mac
  • High speed NMEA output (38,400 baud) – compatible with industry standard plotters
  • Supplied with 1.1m slim, combo VHF+GPS antenna with deck mount, splitter box and connecting cables to CLB2000
  • Requires single RG214 cable between Antenna and Splitter
  • Remote silence function
  • Supplied with programming software for user programming
  • Easy to install black box solution with integral mounting brackets