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FleetBroadband is the first truly global maritime communications service offering simultaneous access to vessel broadband data and voice communications via compact antennae by Inmarsat, the world’s largest marine satellite service provider. Additional data, voice, SMS, and ISDN services are also available. FleetBroadband terminals allows you to enhance operational communication, conform to reporting standards and maintain a high level of connectivity between ships and the shore, no matter your location at sea. 

Primary benefit: Based on the BGAN network, FleetBroadband by Inmarsat provides a cost-effective, fast, reliable, and globally accessible satellite broadband connection for maritime communications, Internet access, corporate networks, and voice services with Inmarsat’s I-4 satellite constellation.


  • FleetBroadBand can be accessed globally (except for the extreme polar regions)
  • Internet access, hot spots, email, file transfer, and database synchronization
  • Telephony circuits, VoIP, and handheld support
  • Enhanced voice services, including caller ID, caller barring and call forwarding
  • Small terminals and solid stabilized antennas
  • Surveillance, remote monitoring, and communication maintenance systems
  • Standard IP with speeds up to 432kbps (contended service)
  • Optional guaranteed bandwidth on demand (32, 64, 128, 256 kbps)

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