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GICOM Entertainment


Product Number: 1003


GICOM Entertainment Systems provide analogue and digital entertainment via CDs, DVDs, radio, television, and VSAT media sources. This entertainment solution can be fully integrated and synchronized with the Public Address and General Alarm System.

Primary benefits: the system offers a broad range of features and capabilities including:

  • Music broadcasting through analog radio and CDs
  • Digital and analog television distribution system
  • TV-SAT antenna system in the KU or dual C-KU Band
  • Automatic broadcasting of pre-recorded messages
  • Interfaces with the ship’s radio for automatic muting

Integration and Supply

  • Integration Services – Fredrik Marine provides a suite of system ship-commissioning system integration services. These services include factory equipment-acceptance testing, installation of the main processor unit, and integration of GICOM products.
  • Parts Supply – Fredrik Marine supplies spare and replacement parts for all GICOM products. Parts supply services are available to customers engaged in multi-unit and system-level procurement.

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