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GICOM Main Processor Unit


Product Number: 990


The GICOM main processor unit provides a rack-mounted system to integrate and manage Public Address, General Alarms, Safety Alarms, Talk Back, Intercom, Telephones, Bells/Gongs, Clocks, Radio, Television, Music Sources, and Audio-Visual devices.

 Primary benefits: the main processor unit provides full shipboard communications/operations management with reduced weight, size, and power consumption. The processor is programmable, redundant, and has, in practical measure, no limit to the number of audio signals that can be generated.


  • Digital memory banks for general and emergency announcements
  • Fully programmable and redundant controllers
  • Class D audio amplifiers with two channels
  • 100 + 100W digital V/meter with 100V constant output line
  • Automated muting of entertainment during alarms

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