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The GPS150 DualNav GPS/Glonass Sensor is a “smart” sensor that is able to detect and use signals in over 50 satellites from both GPS and Glonass, the Russian funded satellite positioning system. This leads to higher positional accuracy and larger coverage due to dual redundancy of 2 independent positioning systems.

The GPS150 can be adapted for legacy and current systems as it can be used with the industry standard NMEA data format, and in various baud rates (4800, 38400 and 115200). There is also an optional add-on TurboNav feature for racing boats where data update is 10x faster than normal and has a 24x higher baud rate; essential components when navigation data has to be updated rapidly in determining speed data and the best course.

Some benefits of the GPS150 is in its low power consumption of 30mA at 12V and reduced clutter with its compact installation of a 75mm antenna and a single cable for power and data. Special customization is also not needed for installation. For customers that wish to send data to tablets and mobile phones, the GPS150 can work wirelessly with the addition of the WLN10.



  • 50 channel precision GPS/GLONASS positioning sensor
  • Just 75mm in diameter and designed to fit industry standard 1” mounts
  • Ultra tough, waterproof construction
  • NMEA output configurable for 4800, 38400 and 115200 baud
  • Selectable update rates from 1 to 10Hz
  • Configurable in the field using simple DIP switches inside the antenna
  • TurboNav mode offers super fast updates to optimise positioning information in slow and high speed applications
  • WAAS/EGNOS/SBAS enabled for sub 1m accuracy
  • User selectable GPS/GLONASS mode or auto selection
  • Ultra low 30mA power consumption (at 12V DC)
  • 5-30V DC power input

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