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Product Number: 72

GSatMicro is the smallest self-contained Iridium tracker in the world. This tracker transmits locations, SOS alerts, and other specialized information in real time, through the Iridium low earth orbiting satellite network, allowing tracking of mobile assets around the globe.

Primary benefit: The GSatMicro is an extremely small, yet easily configured for different environments tracking solution. A non-technical user can design scripts to support specialized applications through the easy-to-use LUA programming language.



  • 32 bit ARM processor with a user- customizable LUA scripting language
  • Latest SiRF 4 GPS
  • Dual-tuned Iridium and GPS antenna
  • SOS button, accelerometer, and magnetic compass for accurate tracking
  • Global coverage with Iridium low earth orbiting satellite network


Item Dimensions & Weight

Length 55.5mm
Breadth 49.25mm
Height 89mm
Weight 127.5g


Technical Specifications

Processor 32 bit ARM
Communication Chipsets GPS Chip: (Networks are GPS + Galileo/GPS + GLONASS)

Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0

Iridium 9602 SBD Transceiver

Data Network Iridium
Inputs and Outputs RS232 Interface

USB Interface

2x Relay Outputs @ 2A

2x Analog Inputs (0V to 30V DC)

Sensors Accelerometer, Digital Compass
Security 256-bit AES Encryption
Power Connections USB DC Input (4.5V to 5.5V)

High Voltage DC Input (7.5V to 36V) (protected to 40V DC)

Battery Type Internal LiPo 2500 mAh with PTC
Battery Charge Time USB: 4-6hrs, DC: 2-3hrs
Operating System Embedded Lua (eLua)
Performance Channels 52
Frequency LI – 1,575 MHz
Sensitivity GPS Tracking Tracking: -165dBm, Navigation: -159dBm, Acquisition (cold start): -147dBm
Sensitivity GLONASS Tracking: -163dBm, Navigation: -159dBm, Acquisition (cold start): -147dBm)
Position Accuracy (Autonomous) <2.5m CEP
Time to First Fix Hot Start <1s, Warm Start <30s, Cold Start <35s
Environment Nominal Battery Performance at Temperature Under Load

2.3Ah @ 20C @1A

2.02Ah @ -10C @1A

1.82Ah @ -20C @ 1A

1.57Ah @ -25C @ 1A

0.2Ah @ -30C @ 1A

0.2Ah @ -30C @ 1A

Waterproof and Intrusion Protection IP67 Rating:

-Liquid Immersion, up to 1m depth

-Dust Tight. No Ingress of dust; complete protection against contact (dust tight)


LED Notification Lights Satellite – Orange

GPS – Orange

Power – Green

Message/Bluetooth – Blue

Emergency – Red




Fredrik Marine Support Services

  • Combine GSatMicro with GSatTrack for a complete GSM tracking solution – GSatTrack is a GSM-based software solution that tracks any object across the globe.
  • Fredrik Marine carries the military model of GSatMicro – With an astonishing size and weight, the GSatMicro is a tracking device that can be easily hidden and secured.



  • The GSatMicro reports the position of any asset, anywhere on Earth, using Iridium (the most advanced low-Earth orbiting satellite network in existence)
  • Configuration capabilities enable the support and tracking of any type of moving asset
  • The GSatMicro’s size and adaptability allow it to be located in small spaces and used for covert monitoring and tracking
  • Can be used in tracking maritime, aircraft, personnel, and vehicles, and is ideal for applications such as security and safety, fleet management, oil and drilling, soldier tracking, and secure government applications