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Product Number: 81

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GTRAFT is a software application specifically engineered to automate and support data/file transfer between shipboard computers and office-based systems. GTRaft is suitable for shipping companies that are looking for applications that simplify the file transfer process between ship and shore.

Primary benefit: This GTMaritime program supports bi-directional file transfer fleet-wide and in parallel. All tasks are managed from a central location, helping the technical superintendent become more efficient in his work.



  • GTRAFT can be automated and managed from shore
  • Journaling/Reporting
  • File transfer tasks for multiple vessels can be run in parallel with data encryption
  • Remote program execution
  • Software monitoring
  • Remote control of shipboard computers
  • Rich, powerful but simple user interface
  • Flexible, detailed job scheduling
  • Simple to install
  • Templates for stress free administration of large fleets


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  • Central Control at shore-side office
  • All file formats can be transferred, including:
  • MS Office files and E-forms
  • Data files of any format
  • Registry/directory data
  • On-board monitoring systems data
  • GTRAFT batch scheduling, tasks, and file selection requires no crew involvement