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GTUptime is a processor platform built around dual-active servers. The processing architecture is designed to support thin clients and manages potential system faults before they result in downtime. Costly malfunctions and operational downtimes will be a thing of the past.

Primary benefit: This GTMaritime processor can sense a component malfunction and immediately activate the backup server to continue normal server operation. The thin clients are more power efficient, reliable, and secure than traditional end-user computers, offering 99.999% uptime availability. The ship’s network will be able to run 24/7 without fear of downtime.



  • Each critical component of the server is replicated and available for immediate hot switch-over
  • Switch-over occurs automatically and does not require external action
  • The GTUptime processor supports thin clients for desktop and personal computing purposes
  • Failsafe/Lockstep technology prevents software errors from turning into outages
  • Data loss protection
  • Designed to recover quickly


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  • Server uptime and the probability of no-fault, continuous computing is highly increased
  • Thin clients are more cost effective, power efficient, reliable, and secure than traditional computers
  • Centralized data storage and security risks are minimized