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HSC100 Compass


Product Number: 1656

The HSC100 Compass Sensors use advanced fluxgate technology to deliver data to on-board ship systems and has a “smart” sensor to auto-calibrate its bearings. HSC100 can provide motion displays on chart plotting systems, radar overlays onto ECDIS systems, aids radar stabilisation and supplements MARPA/ARPA target tracking. Optional features include it being used for GPS logging and calculating tidal shifts for better navigation.

However, the HSC100 has a higher output of 10Hz due to its ability to supplement MARPA target tracking and more accurate radar overlay. It is a low-cost solution for boat owners looking towards adding a heading and rate of turn function to their Class A transponders.



  • High Speed (10HZ) NMEA electronic fluxgate compass sensor
  • Ideal for use with radar overlay and MARPA target tracking systems
  • Industry standard NMEA 0183 “HDG” output • Gimballed to 45º
  • New “Rate of Turn” version of the HSC100 now released for Class A transponders (HSC100T)
  • 12/24v DC operation with minimal power consumption
  • Waterproof to IPx7 and suitable for external mounting on a steel hulled vessels
  • Automatic calibration routine and manual compass offset feature
  • Additional AD10 heading output for interface to Furuno systems
  • LED Status Indicator
  • 15m interconnect cable

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