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Product Number: 1668

iNavConnect Wifi Router was designed specifically for boats with DC power and require multi user-support for sharing of Internet connectivity. It is an “all in one” solution for setting up a wireless network on our boat and requires only 12v or 24v.

With a higher gain 5dB antenna and a rugged IP54 black box, installing the iNavConnect is simple. For further benefits, use it with Digital Yacht’s WL510 long range Wi-Fi adaptor to increase the range of your wireless network. Extensive testing has also been done on Fusion Marine stereo remote control applications to ensure that it works perfectly with the iNavConnect.

With this simple and affordable router, you can provide Internet connection for everyone on board using tablets, smart TVs, PCs or phones.



  • 12/24v DC Powered Wireless Router
  • Pre-configured and optimised for connection to Digital Yacht’s latest WL450/510 long range Wi-Fi Adaptors
  • Tested with Fusion Link App for control of the Fusion 700 Entertainment center
  • When connected to WL450/510, will allow the long range internet connection to be shared with everyone on board
  • Creates an 802.11n wireless network onboard with full WEP/ WPA/WPA2 encrypted password protection
  • 5dB detachable antenna
  • Easy to install IP54 black box solution

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