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Product Number: 76

Infinity Cube is an integrated processor that is the ‘cloud on board solution’. It features two server nodes, a large memory footprint, wide I/O bandwidth, hot-plug hard drives, and hot-plug power supplies. The configuration operates in an active-active cluster mode with real-time failure detection/switch-over. Updates to the Infinity Cube every quarter will be remotely updated from shore and distributed from the Infinity Cube.

Infinity Cube’s visualization environment allows for the installation of any specialized critical applications used on vessel. It consists of an industrial server that is installed onboard the ship, and a user friendly web interface where the technical superintendent can manage all the Infinity units and features through one common management console, the Infinity Hub. Onshore IT personnel will be able to remotely access the Infinity system for troubleshooting and maintenance, which reduces travelling to ships by up to 50%. The Infinity Cube is also designed to minimize the number of single points of failure and therefore reduces system data loss and downtime, meaning that both infinity services but also all end user critical applications installed in the virtual environment are available at all times, even in the event of hardware failure.

Primary benefit: the Infinity Cube provides vessels and platforms with high-availability computing and hosts ‘virtual machines’ capable of supporting multiple operating systems, communications systems, and software applications. This means that the crew and especially the Master are no longer burdened with IT work which they usually unspecialized in, allowing them to focus on their tasks without having to struggle with the maintenance of software applications. Clients have used the virtual machine feature of Infinity to create company business account backups and replication of their server.


  • The Cube processor hosts virtual machines running any operating system
  • All software and communications programs operate in a high-availability virtual state
  • Dual processor active-active clustering with component and system failure detection / hot switch-over to ensure redundancy and failover in event of a problem
  • Specifically designed to host the Infinity suite of software and hardware solutions
  • High Availability environment with Active-Active Clustering
  • Advanced Virtualization environment
  • Consolidation of the onboard IT infrastructure
  • 24/7 Remote onboard IT support
  • Content delivery onboard
  • The first “Cloud on board” for merchant vessels
  • The rack mounted version of Infinity Plus can be upgraded to Infinity Cube


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