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Infinity Plus


Product Number: 75

Infinity Plus is a hardware-based processor that comes in two configurations: a rack-mounted version (which uses a server with the 64-bit Intel Xeon processor) and a fanless version (which uses an industrial-grade computer equipped with Intel Core i7 CPU).

Primary benefit: the Infinity Plus system from Navarino can serve as the central data processing unit onboard ships and platforms. The servers can be configured to support both communications requirements and to run multiple virtual applications.



  • Virtual CD technology
  • Hardware scalability
  • Navarino INFINITY functionality embedded
  • 24/7 remote on board IT support


Fredrik Marine Support Services

  • Hardware/Software Consultation – Our support team members are subject matter experts in the implementation of marine-specific hardware/software solutions and will provide in-depth information regarding each product’s capabilities.
  • Full implementation services – As an authorized reseller of Navarino’s Infinity Plus processors, Fredrik Marine provides procurement, installation, training, and customer support services.



  • Remote setup and administration of Virtual Machines
  • Consolidation of onboard IT infrastructure
  • Centralized management and administration
  • Easy deployment of new applications