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Infinity is an advanced maritime communication, bandwidth management and optimization solution implemented on board ships and platforms equipped with satellite communications systems (including Fleet Broadband and VSAT systems in the Ka, Ku or C‐band.) Infinity software is continuously developed and updated on a quarterly basis. It is designed in such a way that it continuously updates all installed units to incorporate new features as asked for by existing and prospective users.

Primary benefit: Satellite bandwidth management and optimization that compresses satellite data and reduces data usage, thereby increasing cost savings for ship management companies

Secondary benefit: The Infinity solution provides more than twenty communications enablement, business management, crew welfare, and security control features. Crew members get Internet access by buying Infinity pins of 50mb each, then log in to the onboard Wi-Fi network using their personal smartphones and tablets.


  • A rugged industrial onboard computer or system server architecture where administrators on shore can manage the vessel’s satellite communications and network
  • A virtual server uploaded with proprietary software, located onshore (using “Cloud” technology).
  • A web-based password-protected interface through which customers can fully manage and control the settings of their ships (INFINITY Systems)
  • A four-gigabyte local area network and virtual LANs
  • Ship-to-Company free VoIP
  • Compatible with Inmarsat, VSat and Iridium Openport

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