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The MAR-GE/T Floatable Terminal was designed primarily for Marine equipment monitoring, oil spill tracking, and current/drift studies. This terminal has an integrated GPS data logger, allowing it to report up to 96 accurate positions daily. Little maintenance is required as the device is simple and highly autonomous – it can last up to 250days. The beacon is waterproof and buoyant, allowing it to be spotted easily.

The beacon is simple to install as no special tools are required and can be completed in less than 10 minutes. Operation is also simple as there are only 2 buttons and 1 LED light to indicate the status of the beacon. This terminal can also transmit a “request for assistance message” in addition to the normal positions. When the request is activated, the beacon transmits to the ARGOS system and the GPS position is logged every 15 minutes. Such help requests are directed to nearby fisheries offices to send out a rescue vessel.

Similar to the rest of the products by CLS, there is full global coverage with the ARGOS satellite constellation, the brainchild of various international space agencies. Fredrik Marine recommends using the MAR-GE/T to secure unpowered floating units, which are mainly under the purview of port authorities or to monitor small traditional fishing boats.



  • High Autonomy*: > up to 450 days in operation, can last more than 5 years in storage
  • Compatible with ArgosWeb Mapping interface for drifting monitoring
  • Compatible with ARGOS Geofencing services (incl. alerts)
  • Built-in GPS receiver for accurate positioning
  • Extra ARGOS positioning (incl. speed and heading)
  • LED indicator for operations control
  • Battery options: rechargeable or disposable\
  • Extra ARGOS positioning (incl. speed and heading)
  • LED Indicator for operations control
  • Battery options: rechargeable or disposable
  • Robust all-in-one design for marine environment
  • Configurable GPS acquisitions & transmission rates, etc.

*Autonomy of the units depends on the configuration, the environmental conditions and can be affected by ageing and maintenance quality.


Dimensions & Weight

Diameter (max.) 134 mm
Height 280 mm
Weight 1.0 to 1.3 kg (depends on the battery type)


Shipping dimensions & Weight

Diameter (max.) 134 mm
Height 280 mm
Weight 1.0 to 1.3 kg (depends on the battery type)


Technical Specifications

Environmental specs. Operating Temperature -20 °C to +50 °C
Storage Temperature -25 °C to +70 °C
Water Resistance IP67 Certified (immersion up to 1m)
Power Rechargeable batteries NiMH 4.5 Ah
Non-rechargeable batteries Lithium 26 Ah or 38 Ah
Autonomy Storage > 5 years in optimal conditions (5-30°C)
Data Transmission Satellite System ARGOS
Coding Binary
Transmission Period 30 to 240 s (configurable by CLS)


Technical Specifications

RF specs. Transmitter type CNES certified ARGOS Transmitter
Output RF Power 32 dBm (1.5W)
Output Frequency 401.650 MHz ± 30 kHz
GPS Receiver type Fastrax IT500
Acquisition period 15 / 30 / 60 min
Precision 1 to 100 m (configurable by CLS)
Deployment From Vessel Up to 30 m shockproof
Air-borne (helicopter) Up to 30 m shockproof