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Mespas Cube


Product Number: 985


The mespas Cube is an industrial-design offshore server installed aboard the ship which acts as  the hub between the vessel’s PC and the central database server on shore. It comes pre-configured with the vessel-specific database and the mespasR5 asset management software solution. With the MESPAS cube, the R5 software can be run on multiple PCs on board the ship without impinging on the application ability to synchronise and work with the central database.

Primary benefit: Installation of the mespas Cube is exceptionally simple. All data and system functions are pre-installed. The device configures automatically when connected to the onboard network. In addition, data synchronization between the ship’s systems and the shore-based systems can be figured to run automatically.


  • The processor is robust, stable, and designed specifically for marine environments
  • Installation and operation of the server requires no specific IT training
  • The mespas Cube is compliant with all common operating systems

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