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Product Number: 987

MESPAS R5 is the best-in-class software solution for technical fleet-wide management of assets, vessel-based activity and equipment maintenance. MESPAS is cloud-based, which ensures that your data will never be lost and reduces the need for unsightly data centres in your office. MESPAS automates the functions of a shipping company through various modules in its integrated “software as a service” (SAAS) planned maintenance system that can be customized according to the individual needs of your fleet.

With MESPAS’s SAAS model, companies with modest IT infrastructure are able to enjoy benefits of the latest software application without having to sink in major investments.


Primary benefit: The MESPAS R5 solution provides premier planned maintenance management, procurement, and inventory management software fleet wide. Combined with Fredrik Marine’s technical support, the mespasR5 solution provides the best-in-class Planned Maintenance System platform for ship management companies.


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