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Product Number: 1688

Fredrik Marine carries Marine PC’s professional grade waterproof LED computer monitor, the MI series. Its LCD bridge monitor has been specially made for maritime usage. The MI series is IMO Type Approved by DNV, and is recognized by ABS and 9 other international IMO standards authorities, as well as ECDIS certification.

Suitability for the rugged maritime environment is ensured as the aluminium casing and coated electronics does not allow corrosion to occur. Its ruggedness is further shown by the operating temperature range, -10 to 55 °C. This IP65 maritime monitor comes in varying sizes (15”, 19”, 24”) and unlike other monitors in the market, there is no sunlight glare that makes the monitor hard to read. The LED backlight delivers up to 1000 nits of full sunlight readability, yet dims to ~1 nit for use on moonless night. The anti-reflective glass prevents fogging and reflection, making it suitable for use in enclosed bridge areas. Other than glare, viewing conditions can be further optimised with adjustable knobs for control over quality and brightness.

Installation is easy – via a shock resistant adjustable ball mount, or ordered with the optional flush bezel. Connection will be done via the RGB output and a sealed 10 feet cable to reduce clutter on board. The monitor can also receive DVI-D video input from a high performance computer or other video sources. Although there are various sizes, the SL12 is smart enough to auto-scale any standard 4:3 input resolution to fit full screen. Picture in picture capability is standard.

For a better user experience, you can opt to have a touch screen that can operate under wet conditions without fogging, a definite good-to-have for boaters.



  • All-Aluminum Case Rated IP65 Front, IP22 Rear.
  • 15” Color TFT AMLCD, AR Coated Protective Glass.
  • XGA(1024×768) Native Resolution.
  • 500 nit LED Brightness, 600:1 Contrast Ratio.
  • Hi-Brite Option: 1.,00 nits, 800:1 Contrast Ratio.
  • Standard RGB Video from any Computer.
  • DVI-D from Black Box Radar or other Computer.
  • Composite Video Input from Camera System Option.
  • P-in-P Standard, Remote control option.
  • Flush Bezel for Console Mounting, or Optional VESA.
  • Powered from 8 – 30 VDC or optional 120/240 VAC.
  • Optional Waterproof Touchscreen.

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