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Product Number: 1687

Fredrik Marine carries Marine PC’s professional grade waterproof LED computer monitor, the ML2 series. The ML2DVR has been upgraded from its predecessor with better specifications, while keeping the features that has made it popular among boaters. The ML2DVR series is the combination of the 3 separate input channels. The ML series has been designed to meet applicable military standards MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD-461E and others, yet is cost effective enough for commercial use.

Suitability for the rugged maritime and military environment is ensured as the monitor casing is sealed from water, oil, dirt and other contaminants. Its ruggedness is further shown by the operating temperature range, -40 to 70 °C. This IP67 maritime monitor comes in varying sizes (8.4”, 10.4”, 12.1” and 15.0”) and unlike other monitors in the market, there is no sunlight glare that makes the monitor hard to read. The LED backlight delivers up to 1000 nits of full sunlight readability, yet dims to ~1 nit for use on moonless night. Other than glare, viewing conditions can be further optimised with adjustable knobs for control over quality and brightness.

For military operations, the ML2DVR can be used in tandem with night vision goggles, thereby providing real time record playback controls. Up to 4 separate camera inputs are supported via standard BNC connectors mounted on the rear of the unit.The DVR records at 30fps at 24bit resolution for over 32 hours. User customization is also possible with intelligent camera systems via standard ES-232 serial connections.

Installation is easy – via a shock resistant adjustable ball mount, or ordered with the optional flush bezel. Connection will be done via a VGA, DVI-D or RS-170 video source      output and a sealed 10 feet cable to reduce clutter on board. Although there are various sizes, the ML series is smart enough to auto-scale any standard 4:3 input resolution to fit full screen.

For a better user experience, you can opt to have a touch screen that can operate under wet conditions without fogging, a definite good-to-have for boaters. Common usage include boarding/event video capture, underwater and surface inspection/investigation. The RAM mount is easily and quickly removable from the vessel.


  • Completely Sealed Case Rated IP67 Watertight.
  • Designed to Meet MIL-STD-810F, 461E and others.
  • 4”, 10.4”, 12.1” or 15” Color LED/LCD.
  • Up to ~1,000 nit Ultra-Bright LED Backlighting.
  • Dimmable Down to ~1 nit with last step Off.
  • Optional NVIS Green/Red for US Agencies.
  • Standard RS-170 NTSC or PAL Composite Video.
  • Extreme Temperature Range: -40to70°C (-40to158F).
  • Extended Shock, Vibe and Lifecycle Withstand.
  • RAM Shock Resistant Adjustable Ball Mount.
  • Integrated DVR with 24-bit 30 fps capture.
  • 32GB Solid-State Storage using MPEG4 Compression.
  • Anti-Reflective Protective Glass.
  • Time Stamping to 1/100th second.
  • Powered from 10-36 VDC, 30 watts Maximum.

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