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The NAL-9602 is an ultra-low power consumption tracker designed for SBD data communication using the Iridium® satellite network. The beauty of the NAL9602 is that this transmitter looks identical to your average USB cable, allowing it to be hidden anywhere on board. The NAL 9602 utilises that Iridium satellite constellation to track your vessel and fleet, thereby ensuring global coverage.

In the event of piracy attacks which are getting more and more commonplace, this discreet tracker allows ship managers and ship owners to know where their ship is at, reducing the time in locating the ship – excess time that might endanger the crew’s life.  The NAL9602 can be installed even without the crew knowing about it and ship managers will know if there are abnormal deviations from the planned voyage route.

Model 9602-LP can send either standard or 256-bit AES-encrypted GPS reports at a pre-programmed interval ranging from once every four seconds to once every seven days. The interval can be changed remotely while the unit is in the field. As for power, an input voltage between 5 and 33 volts is all that is required. Although it is recommended to install the antenna in clear view of the sky, it can also be installed in a fibreglass boat. This installation needs to be tested before being approved.



  • Internal Motion Sensor
  • 2 RS232 level I/Os for sensor interfaces
  • 7 TTL/CMOS level I/Os for sensor interfaces
  • GPS Sensitivity of –160dBm
  • Standby current of less than 65µA
  • Wide input voltage range from 5V to 32V
  • Internal Motion Sensor
  • Two (2) RS232 level I/Os for sensor interfaces
  • Seven (7) TTL/CMOS level I/Os for sensor interfaces
  • GPS Sensitivity of –160dBm
  • Programmed for either Commercial or DoD Gateway
  • Supports NAL Research and PECOS formats
  • AES 256-bit encryption for both transmission and receiving
  • 2 way communications
  • Real-time reporting



  • Discreet ship and vessel tracking solution
  • Global coverage
  • Affordable
  • Improve crew safety


Dimensions & Weight

Length 69mm (2.73”)
Breadth 55mm (2.17”)
Height 24mm (0.94”)
Weight 136g (4.8oz)

Shipping dimensions & Weight

Input Voltage 3.6V to 5.5V or 6.5V to 32V
Avg Current (Report) 200mA @ 5V Input (Sleep) < 65µA @ 5V Input
Operating Temp –40°C to +85°C (–40°F to +185°F)
Operating Humidity < 75% RH
Iridium Frequency 1616.0 to 1626.5 MHz
GPS Frequency 1575.42Hz (L1 carrier)