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The NavLink Wireless NMEA2000 Server w/ USB is the NMEA2000 version of the popular WLN10 and WLN10HS NMEA Wi-Fi servers from Digital Yacht. It is suitable for boats carrying advanced marine electronics with an NMEA2000 interface on board as the NavLink creates a wireless interface that transmits NMEA2000 data to phones, tablets and computers.

The NavLink is compatible with all software applications supporting TCP/UDP data transfer. Devices with TCP protocol can connect to multiple wireless devices but only 1 device can receive AIS data whereas devices with UDP protocols can all connect to multiple wireless devices and all connected devices can receive AIS data.

Navigation software programs that support TCP/UDP data transfer includes:

  • iNavX  (iPhone/iPad)
  • SmarterTrack (PC)
  • SeaPro (PC)
  • Rose Point Coastal Explorer (PC)
  • MaxSea (PC)
  • Nobeltec (PC)
  • MacENC  (Macs)

This model is for customers that prefer to have a permanent wired USB connection to their Windows PC or Macs at the charting table.



  • NMEA 2000 Certified Wireless Data server
  • Reads NMEA 2000 data and transmits it wirelessly over 802.11b+g
  • Can be fitted to any NMEA 2000 network with integral cable (male micro connector)
  • Supports Bi-Directional communication for driving an Autopilot
  • Includes USB Interface for wired connection to PC or MAC
  • Uses standard NMEA data for maximum compatibility with software applications
  • Creates a wireless access point and then transmits data via TCP/UDP link
  • TCP allows single device connection while UDP allows multiple devices to receive the data
  • Single plug ‘n play connection to the NMEA2000 network, provides power and data
  • Fully compatible with popular iNavX navigation application for Apple mobile devices
  • Easy to install IP54 black box solution