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Pilot Plug USB Cable


Product Number: 1651

The Pilot Plug USB Cable allows for convenient and easy connection from a PC to Class A transponder. The pilot plug cable creates a virtual infrastructure, allowing modern navigational software and charting platforms to read the NMEA0183 AIS and GPS data on modern computers via USB.

A multi platform driver CD will be provided which allows the pilot plug USB cable to be used on PC, Linux and Macintosh computers. With a Windows PC, there will be a value-added of having SmarterTrack Lite AIS viewing software that turns the PC into an AIS target display. There is also an additional benefit of the interface showing a green light when data is received and a red light when data is being transmitted which avoids confusion.



  • Fully NMEA 0183 compatible (differential RS422)
  • 1.8m Cable
  • Conforms to the IMO SN/Circ.227
  • Bidirectional data connection
  • Low cost simple solution
  • Built-in indicator lights flash to show data is being received and transmitted
  • Easy plug and play connection to most computers (Windows/
  • Comes with a driver CD and a free copy of SmarterTrack Lite
    AIS software