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PilotLINK creates a virtual infrastructure for sharing of AIS and GPS data on Class A AIS systems via Wi-Fi. The PilotLink device can last for 15 hours on its own or powered through USB or AC/DC power adaptor.

It is compatible with popular mobile iOS and Android operating systems and works on mobile applications such as iAIS from Digital DeepSea, iSailor and iNavx. PilotLINK is also compatible with Windows navigational programs; SeaPro, RosePoint and MaxSea as well as macEnc for Macintosh laptops.



  • Wireless Interface for Class A AIS Transponders
  • Reads GPS and AIS data directly from the transponders Pilot Plug
  • Supports bi-directional communication for configuring the transponder
  • Uses standard NMEA data for maximum compatibility with soft- ware applications
  • Free iAIS App for iPhone, iTouch or iPad
  • Complimentary copy of SmarterTrack Lite for PCs
  • Creates a wireless access point with a typical range of 30m
  • Transmits data via TCP/UDP link
  • TCP allows single device connection while UDP allows multiple devices to receive the data
  • Fully compatible with many popular Apps and software programs
  • Rugged handheld design can be fitted with optional rubber jacket
  • Powered from internal 9v PP3 battery or optional external USB power source