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S1000 AIS


Product Number: 1646

The S1000 AIS Smart SART is an IMO compliant AIS search and rescue transponder with the latest technology and performance, and mandatory for vessels over 300GRT.

S1000 utilises special VHF antenna technology for range up to 10NM and battery life of 96 hours to display targets on any Class A or B transponder systems and AIS receivers. This will greatly aid the recovery of casualties or lifeboats. When in use, the S1000 transmits position information every 7 seconds and SART safety messages every 4 minutes. For the immeasurable safety benefits, we highly recommend it to both leisure craft and commercial vessels.



  • Full IMO Compliant, Wheel Marked AIS SART
  • 50 channel GPS receiver built in
  • Specialist VHF antenna technology for superior performance
  • LED indications for test and activation
  • When activated transmits position 8 times per minute
  • 96 hour battery life
  • Sends SART ACTIVE safety message every 4 minutes
  • Easy to change, low cost battery replacement

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