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SatChat is an low-cost satellite communications solution that enables the transparent and direct routing of one or many local phone numbers to satellite phones. The SatChat service extends to phone numbers in more than fifty countries. SatChat is important for the maritime industry, where maritime communications are essential.

Primary benefit: SatChat provides a cost savings of up to 60% as compared to direct calls to satellite phone numbers through Inmarsat, Iridium, or Thuraya satellites. Local numbers will be provided for familiarity instead of long satellite phone numbers to encourage usage.


  • A dedicated local phone number for each satellite phone and instant number activation
  • Satellite telephone numbers can be changed without changing local number
  • Pre-paid & post-paid SatChat accounts
  • Real-time billing with online access to all call records and account balances
  • Multiple SatChat numbers can be combined into group billing

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