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Product Number: 1577

Thuraya scratch cards allows the whole crew to use their individual prepaid scratch cards to make personal calls from a single phone terminal, ensuring that work and personal calls are kept separate. Budgets of ship management companies can be better managed as airtime usage is charged to the user, instead of the company. This is suitable for maritime ship management companies that are looking towards regulating operational costs, administrative work but still wish to provide crew welfare, an important task to retain well trained crew.

For maritime communications and crew welfare, there is no better or cheaper alternative for maritime satellite calls than Thuraya scratch cards. We provide Thuraya scratch cards to ship management companies that are looking towards providing cheap satellite airtime calls for their crew. When the crew runs out of airtime credits, they can purchase the Thuraya calling card directly from the captain or the company to refill their airtime credits.



  • SF2500, a unique voice satellite terminal with built-in GPS tracking with omni-directional maritime active antenna
  • No activation fees
  • Available in 25, 50 or 100 airtime credits scratch cards for your individual need
  • Available in the form of digital and physical scratch cards
  • Low-cost installation and configuration, light, easy to use
  • Provide crew calling facility through prepaid calling cards from Thuraya, a premier marine satellite service provider
  • Affordable airtime usage rates
  • Reduce administrative burden on ship management companies
  • Low-cost satellite calls, in the form of voice, data and short messaging
  • Easy refill of Thuraya airtime credits


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