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VELA terminal is a ship and fleet tracking solution from CLS. It is a low-cost ARGOS/GPS transmitter that has been designed for maritime tracking on board ships with an IP66 dome. Position, speed and heading of vessels are transmitted by the ARGOS satellite constellation, the brainchild of various international space agencies.

For ship managers or owners looking for a low-cost yet reliable tracking solution, look no further than VELA. The reason for VELA terminal being more affordable is that the VELA terminal utilises ARGOS transmissions that are not real-time but serves its purpose of tracking vessels sufficiently. Although tracking is delayed, it is possible to get a position every 15 minutes if required.



  • Full Global Coverage
  • GPS positions reported at regular intervals (every 15mins)
  • GPS module with high sensitivity for fast position fixing
  • Robust all-in-one design for harsh maritime environment
  • Easy to install
  • Immediate activation
  • Robust design to withstand harsh maritime environment
  • Light display on interface box to indicate power quality and active transmissions
  • Isolated supply, wide input voltage and EMC/EMI compatible
  • Back up battery in case of main board failure: 48 hours continuous operation



  • Affordable Vessel and Fleet Tracking