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Product Number: 1666

The WL510 Wi-Fi system is Digital Yacht’s flagship high power Wi-Fi connection system that seeks to bring wireless connectivity to boats and leisure craft when out at sea. In today’s digitally connected society, it is imperative to have Internet wherever you are – from downloading weather/navigation chart updates, keeping in touch with family and friends and sharing your experience out at sea. Wl510 is a low-cost solution that can provide you with Internet connectivity at ranges of up to 4-6 miles.

A network interface for router capability and easy direct connection with browser interface is featured. Installation is simple through a regular RJ45 CAT5 network cable. Compatibility with Windows (Vista/7), Mac and Linux operating systems makes it a very attractive option, especially at its low cost. The WL510 supports 802.11b/g protocols as well as WEP/WPA/WPA2 encryption.

The system has a compact, DC powered below deck mounted 600mW booster/modem and external, hi-gain (12dBm) antenna with 10m (33ft) low loss LMR400 coax interconnect cable. The antenna measures 0.9m (2.95ft) and can be supplied with deck, mast and industry standard 1” x 14TPI mountings.

Available in three versions:

  • No Antenna – Suitable for upgrades from the WL500 and for users wishing to supply their own specification antenna.
  • Standard 10m – Antenna and 10m LM400 antenna connection cable
  • Extended 20m – Antenna and 20m LM400 antenna connection cable



  • Ideal solution for permanent installation and new builds
  • Network Interface for connection to one PC or to a Router for shared long range connection
  • Easy to setup and control from any browser through web based interface
  • Adjustable (up to 600mW) Wi-Fi modem and high gain (12dBm) omni-directional antenna gives ERP up to 4W
  • Supplied with threaded deck mount for antenna and 10m of low loss LMR400 coax cable
  • Supplied with 1m network cable – can be extended with any CAT5 network cable (up to 50m)
  • Requires connection to boats 12v DC supply
  • No drivers – works with all popular operating systems; Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Mac OS X and LINUX compatible

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