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Product Number: 1667

The WL70 Wi-Fi antenna is Digital Yacht’s flagship Wi-Fi booster system that seeks to increase the range of your on-board Wi-Fi. In today’s digitally connected society, it is imperative to have Internet wherever you are – from downloading weather/navigation chart updates, keeping in touch with family and friends and sharing your experience out at sea. WL70 is a low-cost solution that can provide Internet connectivity of up to 1km in some instances.

Compatibility with Windows (Vista/7), Mac and Linux operating systems makes it a very attractive option, especially at its low cost. In addition, the WL70 offers superior range and speed compared to many internal Wi-Fi adaptors.

The WL70 features a very high performance 15dBm, 1.29m long antenna to suck in the weakest of signals, an internal low noise, high sensitivity modem and a 5m (15′) cable that allows simple plug ‘n play connection via a high speed USB interface.  It’s threaded base, fits a standard 1” (14TPI) VHF type mount (not supplied) and being fully waterproof the WL70 can be permanently mounted outside or just taken out into the cockpit when moored for temporary installation.

This is a suitable solution for marinas, ports, cafes, restaurants or hotels that are anchored at the far end of the dock looking to improve their Wi-Fi connectivity.



  • New 802.11n high sensitivity Wi-Fi modem
  • High gain 15dBm omni-directional antenna (1.29m high)
  • Will fit to a standard VHF type mount 1″ x 14TPI thread (not supplied)
  • USB bus powered via integral 5m (15′) cable
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 compatible
  • Mac OSX 10.4 to 10.10 (Yosemite) compatible
  • Compatible with all popular LINUX distributions including Raspberry Pi

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