Our Products

Here at Fredrik Marine, all hardware & software products which we have taken on are of the highest standards in the industry and are sourced from companies that are world leaders in their own disciplines.


Aurora is an intelligent PBX solution that uses the Iridium satellite system to operate as a telephone, Internet portal, GPS device, and SMS terminal. The enclosure is fully waterproof and simple to install. There is no need for a docking station, coax cable, or any other accessories. Primary … (more...)

Fuel Monitoring SatBox

“If you can't measure it, you can't manage it.” The fuel monitoring Sat Box has been configured to be able to interface with any flow meter model (volume, density, mass, temperature) and engines’ control panel (to capture RPM, clutches activation, engine load, etc.) to generate real time data and … (more...)


GTICE is an onboard software-based Internet Café supporting crew welfare through fully secure and consistent Internet connection with their on-shore contacts and family. GTICE offers crew mail, world news, Internet chat (Skype, Facebook) and web browsing for the crew. More than 160,000 crew members … (more...)


GTMail4Crew allows crew members to send/receive emails, SMS text messages, and send postal letters, world wide. This will be done via an specialized email address for every crew member to use the system through prepaid scratch cards purchased from the captain. GTMail4Crew works with all Inmarsat and … (more...)


GTMailPlus is a modern client-server-based email and data transmission software solution that helps in reducing airtime charges. Primary benefit: The GTMailPlus webmail client allows emails to be securely accessed from any networked Windows-based computer. Email data is compressed, thus saving … (more...)


GTPicsFix is an image compression software for vessels that applies GTMaritime’s advanced algorithms to reduce the data size of images without affecting the picture quality. Less airtime is used, which reduces the airtime costs incurred by ship management companies. Primary benefit: GTPixfix is … (more...)


GTSentinel is an antivirus software solution custom engineered for shipboard computing systems, powered by the NOD32 anti-virus solution from ESET. Primary benefit: This maritime anti-virus solution has been specially designed for use over low-bandwidth networks such as Inmarsat and Iridium. … (more...)


  GTUptime is a processor platform built around dual-active servers. The processing architecture is designed to support thin clients and manages potential system faults before they result in downtime. Costly malfunctions and operational downtimes will be a thing of the past. Primary … (more...)


Infinity is an advanced maritime communication, bandwidth management and optimization solution implemented on board ships and platforms equipped with satellite communications systems (including Fleet Broadband and VSAT systems in the Ka, Ku or C‐band.) Infinity software is continuously developed and … (more...)

Infinity Cube Processor

Infinity Cube is an integrated processor that is the 'cloud on board solution'. It features two server nodes, a large memory footprint, wide I/O bandwidth, hot-plug hard drives, and hot-plug power supplies. The configuration operates in an active-active cluster mode with real-time failure … (more...)

Infinity Plus

Infinity Plus is a hardware-based processor that comes in two configurations: a rack-mounted version (which uses a server with the 64-bit Intel Xeon processor) and a fanless version (which uses an industrial-grade computer equipped with Intel Core i7 CPU). Primary benefit: the Infinity Plus … (more...)

LEO Real-Time Tracking Terminal

CLS is the unique provider of LEO satellite terminal, manufactured in France, and it comes with a Type-Approval certificate issued by the Bureau Veritas. The LEO is made of a transceiver unit (including a GPS receiver and an Iridium satellite modem) and a junction box for connection to the mains. … (more...)

MAR-GE/T Floatable Terminal

The MAR-GE/T Floatable Terminal was designed primarily for Marine equipment monitoring, oil spill tracking, and current/drift studies. This terminal has an integrated GPS data logger, allowing it to report up to 96 accurate positions daily. Little maintenance is required as the device is simple and … (more...)

Maritime PC Accessories

Fredrik Marine carries various maritime grade accessories for marine PC computers. 115/230 VAC 60watt Power Module with 10ft (3m) AWM Power Cable Power Module: Power supply 115/230 Volt AC 60 watt Power Cable: Provides power to the NMEA 2000 network  Full-function Keyboard, … (more...)


SatChat is an low-cost satellite communications solution that enables the transparent and direct routing of one or many local phone numbers to satellite phones. The SatChat service extends to phone numbers in more than fifty countries. SatChat is important for the maritime industry, where maritime … (more...)

Themis Web-Based Interface

The key technological asset of CLS is its platform: an intelligent telecom hub able to process messages from both existing terrestrial and space systems delivering useful information to its customers. Hosted on CLS’s premises, this platform processes millions of messages every day and can customize … (more...)

Thuraya Calling Card

Thuraya scratch cards allows the whole crew to use their individual prepaid scratch cards to make personal calls from a single phone terminal, ensuring that work and personal calls are kept separate. Budgets of ship management companies can be better managed as airtime usage is charged to the user, … (more...)