Our Products

Here at Fredrik Marine, all hardware & software products which we have taken on are of the highest standards in the industry and are sourced from companies that are world leaders in their own disciplines.


FleetBroadband is the first truly global maritime communications service offering simultaneous access to vessel broadband data and voice communications via compact antennae by Inmarsat, the world’s largest marine satellite service provider. Additional data, voice, SMS, and ISDN services are also … (more...)


Infinity is an advanced maritime communication, bandwidth management and optimization solution implemented on board ships and platforms equipped with satellite communications systems (including Fleet Broadband and VSAT systems in the Ka, Ku or C‐band.) Infinity software is continuously developed and … (more...)


SatChat is an low-cost satellite communications solution that enables the transparent and direct routing of one or many local phone numbers to satellite phones. The SatChat service extends to phone numbers in more than fifty countries. SatChat is important for the maritime industry, where maritime … (more...)

Thuraya Calling Card

Thuraya scratch cards allows the whole crew to use their individual prepaid scratch cards to make personal calls from a single phone terminal, ensuring that work and personal calls are kept separate. Budgets of ship management companies can be better managed as airtime usage is charged to the user, … (more...)