Our Products

Here at Fredrik Marine, all hardware & software products which we have taken on are of the highest standards in the industry and are sourced from companies that are world leaders in their own disciplines.


Aurora is an intelligent PBX solution that uses the Iridium satellite system to operate as a telephone, Internet portal, GPS device, and SMS terminal. The enclosure is fully waterproof and simple to install. There is no need for a docking station, coax cable, or any other accessories. Primary … (more...)

Globavista Vessel Tracking

Globavista is a market leader in vessel tracking software solutions that provides real-time vessel tracking, monitoring, and reporting capabilities. Information can be accessed through any Internet-connected computer, tablet, or smart phone. Primary benefit: Globavista tracks the positions of … (more...)


GSatMicro is the smallest self-contained Iridium tracker in the world. This tracker transmits locations, SOS alerts, and other specialized information in real time, through the Iridium low earth orbiting satellite network, allowing tracking of mobile assets around the globe. Primary benefit: The … (more...)


GSatTrack is a web-based integrated satellite and GSM-based tracking software solution that tracks any object across the globe (including vehicles, products, containers, and individuals) with all positions being displayed and managed under in a single unified interface. Through GSM tracking, an … (more...)

LEO Real-Time Tracking Terminal

CLS is the unique provider of LEO satellite terminal, manufactured in France, and it comes with a Type-Approval certificate issued by the Bureau Veritas. The LEO is made of a transceiver unit (including a GPS receiver and an Iridium satellite modem) and a junction box for connection to the mains. … (more...)

MAR-GE/T Floatable Terminal

The MAR-GE/T Floatable Terminal was designed primarily for Marine equipment monitoring, oil spill tracking, and current/drift studies. This terminal has an integrated GPS data logger, allowing it to report up to 96 accurate positions daily. Little maintenance is required as the device is simple and … (more...)

NAL9602 Discreet Vessel Tracking

The NAL-9602 is an ultra-low power consumption tracker designed for SBD data communication using the Iridium® satellite network. The beauty of the NAL9602 is that this transmitter looks identical to your average USB cable, allowing it to be hidden anywhere on board. The NAL 9602 utilises that … (more...)