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BATS Wireless – Extending Broadband Securely

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Seamless, Intuitive Management

BATS set the industry standard for delivering high-bandwidth, high-availability communications for variable range, fixed or mobile deployments. Featuring BATS’ industry-first Single-Touch Provisioning platform. The BATS Enhanced Connection & Optimization platform arrives ready for immediate, in-field deployment.


System Agnostic Configuration

Our systems were designed from the ground up to be compatible with virtually any radio/antenna configuration. Please check our Integrated Radios List to see if your radio is listed. If you system does not appear on our list, contact us to learn how it can be included.


High-Speed Data & Communications, Anywhere

Through the use of our industry-leading autonomous stabilization and optimization platform, BATS-enabled wireless links, can realize signal accuracy to 0.05°, and immediately counteract many of the sensitivity issues that come from misalignment of high-bandwidth microwave antennas.


Enhanced Signal Range

Directional WWAN links, like those used in BATS-enabled systems, have proven ideal due to their longer range. Instead of saturating a small area with a wireless signal, these systems make use of signal power by directing the transmission to a specific recipient. What this represents during a direct comparison is a high-capacity signal that is nearly 20X stronger than any omni-directional system currently on the market.


Military-Tested Security

When an omni-directional signal bleeds outside your operational area, it presents potentially dangerous holes in network security, leaving your network susceptible to significant downtime caused by signal leeching or malicious attack. BATS-enabled access points help to mitigate this risk by focusing your signal only to the active GPS location of the receiver you select, thereby significantly minimizing the possibility of interception. In fact, BATS-enabled systems have measured levels low enough to exceed criteria set during rigorous military acceptance testing with the United States Navy.

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