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Location: Pasir Panjang Terminal, P11, Singapore

Feedback: All problems not solved due to a lack of time, but recieved full instructions and procedures in writing on how the problem can be solved in the future. Very helpful and intelligent man. Fully recommended.

Problem Resolved: Analyse health of vessel computers and network infrastructure and troubleshoot.

Location: Dumai Port, Indonesia

Feedback: Services are good. Engineer was very co-operative and arrived at vessel within 1 working day after confirmation from shore side.

Problems Resolved: Purge vessel computers of viruses. Purge crew computers and storage devices of viruses. Commission vessel network antivirus system.

Location: Raffles Marina, Singapore

Feedback: Nicholas provided excellent service and also instructions in writing on how to prevent future problems in our communications infrastructure.

Problems Resolved: Deliver and configure 3G router firewall on board. Troubleshoot vessel network. Fix Furuno Fleet Broadband Launchpad installation on communications computer.

Location: Drydocks World Singapore

IT engineer with deep knowledge and very helpful. All problems with satellite and network connection were solved. IT engineer can be recommended for future employment in order to resolve all electronic/PC problems.

Problems Resolved: Faulty network connection to email and bridge PC/laptop. Resolved slow satellite data connection for AmosConnect. Remove viruses.

Location: ST Marine Tuas, Singapore

Feedback: Mr Chan updated the anti-virus program, repaired the network cable connection on the bridge  and also configured network shared folders. He was very efficient and served our communication problems very quickly.

Problems Resolved: Deliver and commission bridge computer. Configure network shared folders. Repair intermittent network cable connection on bridge.

Location: Western Petroleum Alpha, Singapore

Feedback: IT engineer is a good and knowledgeable person. He helped us to solve the problem of us not being able to use Excel on the bridge computer. Data was also recovered from our cargo control room computer that was infected with virus.

Problems Resolved: Retrieve and recover data from old cargo control room computer. Troubleshoot and repair sluggish performance on master communication computer. Troubleshoot bridge computer inability to recover Excel files.

Location: Sembcorp Marine Jurong SML Shipyard, Singapore

Feedback: I must say that Nicholas was very efficient in his workings as he completed many tasks within a relatively short period of time. He is very knowledgeable in the field of solving technical problems onboard ships or yachts, in my case. Helpful and energetic chap!

Problems Resolved: Co-ordinated ECDIS repairs, Tracing of NMEA data sources in vessel rack, Migration and Installation of drivers on all computers

Location: Marina South Pier, Singapore

Feedback: Engineer came out with creative solutions to technical problems on-board vessel – good technical expertise. Recommend to use again!

Problems Resolved: Troubleshoot technical problems on board, Deploy unified shared folders to enhance crew productivity, Migration of data across computers, Resolve viruses that was causing lag on board ship computer

Location: West Coast Pier, Singapore

Engineer is knowledgeable and helpful. Defective email system was solved in 2 hours. Good.

Problem Resolved: Resolve defective Telaurus email system


Location: Keppel Marina, Singapore

Feedback: IT engineer repaired the navigational computer and helped to procure new PCle serial cards when the current one was found to be defective. Fredrik Marine is good at solving problems in your technical infrastructure.

Problems Resolved: Troubleshoot and Repair Navigational Computer.