FREDRIK MARINE provides a holistic array of Marine IT and Communications solutions, from the purchase of quality products and systems, to onsite maintenance and servicing. We are able to assist in all your maritime IT and Communications needs; it is what we do and it is all we do.

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Contact Us

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Equipment Installation & Repair

Our equipment installation, testing, and repair services are delivered by experts specifically trained in the maritime communication fields.

Our maritime equipment services include the installation, testing, and repair of existing computers, servers, and network equipment. In addition, Fredrik Marine brings expert knowledge in installing and servicing satellite communications solutions, vessel planned maintenance systems, and technology equipment on board vessels. Emergency-response services include data recovery from laptops, computers, and servers.

Our client service team members are experts in working with international customs, port, and vendor representatives to help ensure the necessary equipment arrives in a timely manner.

System Design & Integration

Fredrik Marine provides robust vessel IT and communications systems integration services for both retro-fit and new-system projects.

Maritime vessel IT platforms are often developed with equipment and software from different vendors. Many of these ‘legacy’ systems are not designed for integration into a unified system. Fredrik Marine’s system design and integration services are focused toward holistic system implementation success. Our firm can provide legacy system integration solutions, as well as implementation of new ICT systems based upon cutting edge technologies.

Fredrik Marine’s services span from the implementation of basic local area networks to the installation of complex land-based IT systems and integrated communication systems on board vessels.

Key Risks We Avoid

Unnecessary systems: We focus on core system usefulness, not ‘technology for technology’s sake’.

Irrelevance: Our systems are implemented to meet specific crew and operational needs, not ‘just because it is possible’.

Maintenance difficulty: Our ITC solutions are designed to operate reliably and will not become a ‘maintenance nightmare’.

On-call, Remote, and 24x7 Technical Support

Our portfolio of technical support services can be customised to meet land-based, at-sea, on-call, 24×7, and remote support needs.

Fredrik Marine’s experts are always available and ready to respond! We can provide on-call shipboard attendance to ICT problems and travel to land-based operations immediately. We provide the correct expertise, on time, and within a cost effective budget for ship management companies.

Our company’s technical support capabilities include remote access support through direct communication links into shipboard computer and equipment systems. Our software solutions offer remote updating features, so as to insure easy maintenance and upgrades. Fredrik Marine’s 24×7 support services provide our clients with the support they need across at any location and in every time zone.

 Cost Effective Services

From Fredrik Marine’s base in Singapore, we can move our teams throughout the Asian region with minimal cost and travel time. Our regional focus bypasses the issues created by travel visas, expensive international flights, local lodging, coordination of ground transportation, and unfamiliarity with the region’s ports.

GICOM System Commissioning

Fredrik Marine provides a suite of shipboard communication system integration services during ship commissioning. These services implement GICOM’s industry-leading product line. They include factory equipment-acceptance testing, installation of the GICOM main processor unit, and integration of the firm’s entire portfolio of shipboard communication equipment.

Remote support services include system programming, software updates, and diagnosis of communication system issues. Fredrik Marine is an authorized supplier of GICOM spare and replacement equipment.